Grand County of Dracfold

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Language: English
Grand County of Dracfold
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Coat of arms
Etrand Overlay Naked.svg
Etrand Dracfold Overlay.svg
Location of the Grand County of Dracfold within the Kingdom of Etrand
StatusFeudal fief
Dracfold (until 718)
Common languagesEtrandish
GovernmentFeudal Monarchy
Grand Count 
• Until 19
Eshwín (first)
• 19-53
Aelfwaird (most famous)
• 712-718
Cairbré VI (last from the House of Dracfold)
• From 819
Dáyen II of (current)
• Title granted

The Grand County of Dracfold is a region within the Kingdom of Etrand. Despite its name, the city of Dracfold is no longer the capital of the grand county. The grand county was held for seven centuries by House of Dracfold, setting a record for longest time of title held by major family in Etrand.