First Froturn-Etrandish War

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First Froturn-Etrandish War
Date1136-1135 BEKE
present-day Etrand and Froturn


  • The Froturnish invasion of Etrand is a failure - Etrand remains an independent, sovereign state, doesn't cede any territory
  • The Etrandish invasion of the Halfling territories is a failiure
    • Froturn successfully vassalizes and makes protectorates out of the Halfling tribes of Eastern Froturn, securing their borders against Etrand.
Fathred shield.svg Etrand Froturn shield.svg Froturn
Commanders and leaders
  • Queen Salvia of Froturn
  • The First Froturn-Etrandish War was a military conflict involving the Kingdom of Froturn and the First Kingdom of Etrand. The war has effectively become legendary for both the High Elves and the Humans, as it has defined their history for a long time.


    It is well-known that both sides were rather eager to fight, albeit for different reasons. The High Elves under Salvia viewed the rising power of Fathred's new kingdom as a threat, and were offended that Fathred belittled their religion. Fathred on the other hand, while did not want war with the High Elves, was willing to go to war against the Halflings to take their lands: at the time, there were some contested territories that the Humans and Halflings fought over, and Fathred wanted to settle the score once and for all.

    Locked between a rock and a hard place, sandwiched between the two rising powers Froturn and Etrand, the Halflings aligned themselves with Froturn, giving up their sovereignty in exchange for protection. This gave the High Elves even more excuses to invade Etrand: a counter-attack against the barbarians who were invading the lands of Froturn's (newfound) allies.



    Both sides claimed victory, and both sides were justified so in their own way: the Froturnish got a new protectorate to treat as a vassal and eventually integrate, while the Etrandish managed to defend their sovereignty and score a mighty victory against the High Elves in the First Battle of Ancestors Field, boosting the prestige, ego, confidence and influence of King Fathred.

    The Froturnish immediately began organizing a border guard and border defenses. They stationed their armies alongside the borders to prepare for a future invasion into Etrand, which happened thirty years later, in 1106.

    In Etrand, Fathred's ego, prestige, confidence and influence all got a major boost. So much so, that he began organizing an invasion against the south, which he realized ten years later.