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Elementals are magical creatures that vaguely resemble golems and represent either one of the four main elements, or a combination of two of the main four elements. These creatures can only be summoned via magic, seldom (if ever) appear in the wild. In the Ancestral Era, sentient stray elementals have also existed, but have disappeared before the present age (or maybe have become so rare, that they are believed to be extinct). There also exists Elemental Dragons.

Regular Elementals

Fire Elementals

Incarnations of the element fire, Fire Elementals look roughly like a golem or other humanoid made out of flames. They are capable of breathing fire, throwing fireballs, fire bolts, and can set anything flammable aflame just by merely touching it. Their weakness is water: a mundane bucket of water can actually kill a Fire Elemental!

Water Elementals

Incarnations of the element water, Water Elementals look like water that's being contained in an invisible humanoid-shaped container that everything (save for water) can pass through. Water elementals can travel freely in water - their only weaknesses are sand, rocks and soil. Sand and soil kill Water Elementals by drying them out, while rocks will kill them by splitting them. Water elementals are capable of manipulating water, weaponizing it by sending strong water streams at their enemies. They can also mold their own bodies into any shape their desire - transforming from a humanoid into a spear, for example.

Air Elementals

Incarnations of possibly the most abstract element of all, Air Elementals look like humanoid-shaped clouds or waves in the air, or like see-through, partially transparent humanoids. They are fast, can levitate and fly at will, transform their bodies at will (just like Water Elementals), manipulate winds and weaponize it against their enemies. They are also capable of using an energy-blast against their opponents. Quite possibly they are the most fragile of elements: while immune to thunder, they will perish quickly when exposed to fire, water, or actual objects (such as rocks, as opposed to just kinetic energy).

Earth Elementals

Incarnations of the element earth, Earth Elementals are possibly the most boring ones out of the four - they look like regular stone golems. They cannot mold their bodies, they have a weakness against the element they are supposed to be an incarnation of (the best way to beat rock, is with another rock), but they are not to be underestimated - they are durable, immune to thunder, resistant to fire and water alike, their biggest weakness (aside from particles) is kinetic energy. Additionally, they are very slow.

Fusional Elementals

Fusional Elementals are made up of a combination of one of the two above-mentioned elements, however, instead of twenty, only four such combinations are possible: Magma (Fire + Earth), Ice (Water + Earth), Energy (Fire + Air) and Storm (Air + Earth). For a magician to summon a fusional elemental, he/she has to know the spells to summon both basic types of elementals, and either cast the spells simultaneously, or one after the other without a break.

Magma Elementals

Representing a combination of fire and earth, these elementals look like golems made out of magma. They inherit the Fire Elemental's ability to breathe fire, throw fireballs and fire bolts, as well as set flammable objects they touch aflame. They also inherit the Earth Elemental's sturdiness and slow speed. With this comes other weaknesses: kinetic energy, particles or explosion will either kill them or turn them into Fire Elementals, while water will either kill them or turn them into Earth Elementals.

Ice Elementals

Representing a combination of water ann earth, these elementals look like golems made out of solid ice. They do not inherit the Water Elemental's ability to transform themselves, or even manipulate water. Instead, Ice Elementals can summon and throw ice javelins at their enemies, and freeze objects they touch. As such, water that comes into contact with them freezes. However, they inherit the Earth Elemental's weakness towards particles and kinetic energy, and have developed a weakness for fire that Water Elementals do not have - fire will kill Ice Elementals, or turn them into Water Elementals if they survive.

Energy Elementals

Representing a combination of fire and air, Energy Elementals are the weirdest of all elementals. They look roughly like transparent blue or yellow humanoids with constant electrical sparks arround them. They inherit the Air Elemental's speed, ability to fly and self-transform, but no longer possess the ability of telekinessis or manipulating and weaponizing wind, trading it for the ability to shock objects at touch and throw thunderballs and thunder bolts. They have an immunity towards fire and kinetic energy, instead having a weakness towards water and particles, both of which can easily kill Energy Elementals.

Storm Elementals

Representing a combination of earth and air, Storm Elementals look like a transparent humanoid with rocks floating around them and within themselves. They inherit the Air Elemental's ability to fly, transform themselves, manipulate and weaponize winds, but are also sturdy and immune to both kinetic energy and particles. Instead, their new weaknesses are fire, water and thunder.

Elemental Dragons

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