Fire Cult

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Fire Cult
Neressan Religion.svg
The symbol of the Neressan Religion.
ScriptureThe Book of Flames
Sacred languageno sacred language, vernacular is always used
Syncretic Mythology

There are a lot of Gods, all of whom have their own area of expertise. Other religion's gods are actually ours, they just don't know it.

Nature of Godhood

One must form his or her own relation with the divine, only then can they be fully understood.


The world has clearly always existed, it is to vast and expansive for it not to be so.


There are different aspects of the divine.

Divine Guidance

Enlightened gurus who pray daily will receive commandments from the divine to share with their fellow mortals.

Holy Mortals

Enlightened gurus who pray daily will receive commandments from the divine to share with their fellow mortals.


Prayer isn't necessary to achieve divine favour.

Cross-Cultural Disposition
Communal Identity

Our faith and our culture are intrinsically linked together. This practice strengthens the bonds of our community, though it tends to exclude foreigners.


We have lived many lives before this one, and will continue to live many lives after it. Every death is only the beginning of something new.

No Eschatology

Religion has no part to play in eschatological studies.

Final Resting Place

The dead should not be imprisoned underground — it is far better to burn the body in a dignified manner, releasing their spirit into the afterlife.

Asceticism vs Hedonism

The divine wishes not for us to needlessly suffer, but neither should we go to the other extreme in the blind pursuit of hedonism. It is the divine will that we seek the golden middle-ground.

Marriage type(s)

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals. Attempting to form such a bond with multiple people at once is sacrilege.


Marriage is a sacred bond, but as long as their spouse takes priority one may be permitted to have concubines or consorts to engage with as well.

Stance on Marriage

Marriage is clearly a sacred bond.

Religious tradition

We have no orthodox dogma to refer to, instead each region practice their own slightly modified version of our faith-

Clerical wealth
No Restrictions

The clergy make money as they wish, it is no concern for the rest of us.

Clerical Tradition
Lay Clergy

Any devoted follower is more than capable of understanding, following, and preaching the doctrines of our faith.

Clerical Gender

Members of both genders can be part of the clergy.

Clerical MarriageAllowed
No Atonement

Everyone is going on their own journey. Sinning is something perosnal that must deliberated over personally, not with some priest or monk.

No Almsgiving

Alms would mean giving away our material wealth, it would give the peasants far too much power!

Stance on nudity

Our bodies are of the material world, with all of its inherent inpurities. They should be covered to avoid inspiring immoral desires.

Stance on Same-Sex Relations

It is unnatural for two men to engage in sexual relations with one another, regardless of the circumstances.

Stance on Deviancy

There are some sexual practices which are simply abnormal and strange. It stands to reason that people with those desires are equally abnormal and strange.

Head of Faith

The position of head of faith is given to the founder of the faith and is passed on to their primary heir when they die.

View on Gender

It is foolish to deny skilled people a role in government purely because of their gender. We shall allow all who are able to govern our society.

View on Divorce
Must be Approved

While the bonds of marriage should not be taken lightly, extenuating circumstances can sometimes make divorce a necessity.

View on Bastardry

Marriage is holy, so children born outside of it must be blessed in another way if they are to be considered legitimate.

Male Adultery

There is nothing inherently wrong about a man deciding to engage in intercourse outside of marriage, so the decision is his alone.

Female Adultery

There is nothing inherently wrong about a woman deciding to engage in intercourse outside of marriage, so the decision is hers alone.


While it is appalling to murder one's own relatives, such acts are not inherently more criminal than any other murder.

Religious Attitude

It is utter folly to say that there is only one right interpretation of divine will, and that all the others views are wrong. Each of us has our own way of worshiping the divine.

Total population
c. 688,440
Regions with significant populations
Neressa shield.svg Neressac. 688,440

The Fire Cult is the dominant religion of the Empire of Neressa. The religon has no official head - though the Emperor of Neressa can be considered the de facto leader, as all Emperors have been members of the religion's ruling organization, the Circle of Fire, and have had the rank "first among equals". Otherwise, the Circle of Fire is a meritocratic organization that picks the most powerful pyromancers.

The religion is highly decentralized, having effectively no official clergy, but instead a sort of lay clergy of shamans who are typically only loosely associated with the Circle of Fire, if at all.

Morals and tenets