Fire Cult

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Language: English
Fire Cult
Neressan Religion.svg
The symbol of the Neressan Religion.
ScriptureThe Book of Flames
Sacred languageno sacred language, vernacular is always used
Total population
c. 688,440
Regions with significant populations
Neressa shield.svg Neressac. 688,440

The Fire Cult is the dominant religion of the Empire of Neressa. The religon has no official head - though the Emperor of Neressa can be considered the de facto leader, as all Emperors have been members of the religion's ruling organization, the Circle of Fire, and have had the rank "first among equals". Otherwise, the Circle of Fire is a meritocratic organization that picks the most powerful pyromancers.

The religion is highly decentralized, having effectively no official clergy, but instead a sort of lay clergy of shamans who are typically only loosely associated with the Circle of Fire, if at all.

Morals and tenets