Etrandish Royal Demesne

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The Royal Demesne of Etrand
Coat of arms
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Extent of the royal demesne within Etrand, in its more loose interpretation
StatusFeudal fief

The Etrandish Royal Demesne is - under its strictest and most legalistic, official interpretation - the designation of the territories within the Kingdom of Etrand which are directly governed by the reigning monarch of Etrand, constituting his/her domain or demesne. Another, looser interpretation of the term also exists: maps (such as the one seen in this article) are usually drawn to also include the territories held by various lesser nobles (any noble below the rank of Grand Count or Margrave: Counts, Barons, etc.) who happen to be direct vassals of the King, rather than of any Grand Count or Margrave. In this looser interpretation, the "Royal Demesne" effectively means every territory of Etrand that isn't part of any of the two autonomous provinces (Dwarfland, Lizardhearth) and isn't ruled by any of the Grand Counts, Margraves, or their vassals.

Whether we talk about the Royal Demesne in its strict or loose interpretation, its territorial extent has fluctuated quite a lot during the kingdom's existence, though it always included the city of Grandfolk, the kingdom's capital city.