Kingdom of Dragoc

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Kingdom of Dragoc
duragoku reqitta
Zuragoku Reitta (Wood Elven)
Around 1000 BEKE–{{{year_end}}}
Flag of Dragoc
Coat of arms
Location of Dragoc
Location of Dragoc
Common languagesWood Elven
Religion Cult of Nature
GovernmentMixed, functionally Theocratic Constitutional monarchy
• ~1000 BEKE
Hiewai the Unifier (first)
• From 674 AEKE
Cairi (current)
• Unification
Around 1000 BEKE
846-834 BEKE
251-263 AEKE

The Kingdom of Dragoc (Wood Elven: duragoku reqitta ; IPA: [d͡zɾagɔk ɾeːtːa] Gnome-speakernotes.png) is a unitary state mainly dominated by Wood Elves. It was formed around 1000 BEKE, and filling the - at the time - power vacuum, it quickly became one of the dominant states of Artograch.

However, during Great War in the 9th century BEKE, Dragoc's expanion was put at check by a coalition of humans and lizardmen. After Dragoc's defeat, Wood Elven culture has went through a major - but ultimately short-lived - overhaul, going from a warlike culture that (despite their Naturalistic religion) glorified violence and considered other races inferior and subhuman, to a semi-pacifistic culture that focused on literature, music and other arts instead of warfare.

Nevertheless, the newfound pacifism of the Wood Elves was very short-lived as, Orcish raids later forced the revival of the warlike nature of the Wood Elves, hence the development of a dualistic military culture that focused on being always-prepared for war to preserve the peace. In other words, after the 8th century BEKE, Dragoc became a nation of warrior-poets and sword-carrying and spellcasting bards.

While not the strongest military force on Artograch like Etrand, or a centre of learning like Froturn, Dragoc is still considered a great power, and plays a very important role in the spiritual life of Artograch. Wood Elven literature is second only to High Elven, and Dragoc is famous for its natural beauty. Not just visual beauty, but also spiritual beauty, as well as a plethora of different types of tea and hotsprings that would call Dragoc their home if they had mouths.



As of 831 AEKE, the total population of Dragoc is estimated at 1,325,620.