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Language: English  • magyar
Doom FRPG.jpg
DeveloperZsolt Tóth
Designed byZsolt Tóth
GenreForum-based role-playing game
PlatformWeb-based, platform-independent
LanguageHungarian, English
WebsiteHungarian forum
English forum

Doom FRPG was a short-lived FRPG based on Doom, created by Zsolt Tóth in 2009, before he moved on to Ways of Darkness at the end of the year. Many of former roleplaying partners at the time followed him to the site, like László Dornfeld and Péter Pataki from Alternate World and Kriszta from Age of Boulderons (who later became his co-admin, and then the co-founder of Ways of Darkness). This is also the place were Tóth first met Krisztián Zechmeister.

As the name suggests, the FRPG was loosely based off Doom, but also included various other elements, such as magic, vampires, werewolves, augmentations and WW2-era weaponry. The playable races were humans, werewolves and vampires, with humans being forced to choose a class (civilian, paramilitary, soldier, vampire hunter). The Hungarian version also contained a unique race called the "Eshl'aan" (created by Kriszta), as well as the characters Eile and Ayn.