Dhaeraow Loomin

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Language: English  • magyar
Dhaeraow Loomin
473 AEKE–{{{year_end}}}
Flag of Dhaeraow Loomin
Coat of arms
StatusDark Elven Clan
Common languagesDark Elven
Religion Dark Elven Religion
GovernmentMixed government
de jure Absolute monarchy
de facto Plutocracy/Mafia state
473 AEKE
Preceded by
Kingdom of Marand

The Dhaeraow Loomin (Dark Elven: Dhaeraó Lómin ; IPA: [dæʁaoː loːmin]) is one of the three main Dark Elven clans, being one of the three successor states of the Kingdom of Marand. The clan is has a reputation of highly skilled thieves, spies and assassins, as well as being infamous for their slyness, their aversion of direct confrontations and tendency to sit back watching their enemies weaken each other by infighting, and then strike down the moment they are all in a position of weakness. The Dhaeraow Loomin is also known as being the clan that maintains most contact with the outside world, consistently engaging in trade and barter with the Kingdom of Etrand, as well as having diplomatic ties with the Empire of Neressa, Principality of Gabyr and the Republic of Keldorn.


Internal politics

External diplomacy