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Racial groups in Gabyr
Race percent
Dark Elf
High Elf

The total population of Gabyr as of 831 AEKE is 111,340. The total population of Gabyr and Keldorn combined is 370,340, meaning that Gabyr has 30.06% of the island's population.


High Elf1000.08%
Dark Elf3,3603.01%


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65,760 live in Gabyr, making up 59.06% of the city-state's population.

Humans are currently the majority of Gabyr's population by a rather narrow margin, but it wasn't always so. The first humans in Gabyr weren't voluntary immigrants or even asylum-seekers, but victims of "involuntary relocation" (abduction and enslavement) - the first humans to live in Gabyr were slaves from Etrand and Hulra, captured during raids by Gabyrian (Nereid) pirates. Later on, pirates of all races - especially humans - also migrated to Gabyr, a safe haven for pirates.

During the Golden Age of Maritime Trade, piracy declined and Hulra - which since has developed a competent navy - would no longer be a subject to slave raids. In fact, many slaves were actually freed as time went on. These slaves, pirates, merchants and their descendants usually came in numbers small enough that they were forced to abandon their own native language in favour of Gabyrian, assimilating quickly. Human population still continued to grow in form of Hulran merchants settling in the city, and slaves being captured from Etrand, albeit on a much smaller scale than before.

However, the sudden increase in Human population brought in a group that would only partially assimilate - after the fall of Hulra, many-many pagan refugees fled the Viceroyalty of Etrancoast, mostly aiming for Gabyr. These people spoke Late Hulran which eventually evolved into the Gaviúran language - they were too many in numbers to assimilate into the pre-existing group of Gabyrian-speaking humans. This influx of free Humans however did not stop the influx of slaves - during the Cymbairan Wars, many in Etrand and Etrancoast either became victims of Gabyrian slave-raiders, and prisoners of war also got enslaved. Gabyrian pirates continue to make attempts at raiding the coasts of Etrand and Etrancoast to gain more slaves.

High Elves

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100 live in Gabyr, making up 0.09% of the city-state's population.

The High Elven population of Gabyr is insignificant, numbering at a mere measly 100. With the amount of High Elves that can be seen on the streets of Gabyr, one would expect the number of High Elves living in it to be much higher, but all of those are merely temporary residents or merchants. The small number who actually live in Gabyr are all outlaws running away from the law at home: pirates.

Dark Elves

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3,360 live in Gabyr, making up 3.02% of the city-state's population.

The history of Gabyrian Dark Elven community is directly tied to the history of the Etrandish Dark Elven community, as the vast majority of the Dark Elves who call Gabyr their home did in fact live in Etrand at one point: mostly career criminals who had to run from the law, or found a better deal in Gabyr.

It is more than obvious what kind of occupations most of them have: pirates, bodyguards, hired thugs, prostitutes, artistants, shopkeepers and so on. For Dark Elves who already have a tendency towards criminality - in fact, many of them were already career-criminals before coming to Gabyr - getting into the pirate lifestyle is extremely easy. Dark Elves enjoy the laxer morality of Gabyr very much, as the lively nightlife reminded them a lot to their own underground homelands. However, even the famously patient Gabyrians have their own limits, and even though Gabyr has been a safe haven for pirates and career criminals of all sorts since time immemorial, some of the actions of the Dark Elven gangs are considered over the line: while the activity of bounty hunters may be merely tolerated, outright gang wars between different families of the Dark Elven mafia are definitely not.


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5,760 live in Gabyr, making up 5.17% of the city-state's population.

Nearly all of the goblins living in the city of Gabyr are post-1000 BEKE immigrants and their descendants, rather than being from the pre-existing goblin population that was established over eight millenia ago. As such, their first language is either Kobold (in case of first-generation immigrants) or Gabyrian, rather than Gaildaurn.

The majority of goblins living in Gabyr are free inhabitants rather than slaves. The small amount of goblin slaves are brought there by pirates or wealthier slave-owning goblins, and are primarily tasked with shipbuilding, galley-rowing, hauling, as well as any other unpaid job that requires small hands and lots of precision. Most of the free goblins are merchants, pirates or artisans.


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500 live in Gabyr, making up 0.45% of the city-state's population.

The Lizardman community of Gabyr was always an insignificant one: the swamp-dwelling, somewhat pacifistic, semi-nomadic lizardmen men of today are not sea-people, and the city of Gabyr never really had an appeal to them. The small amount of Lizardmen who live in Gabyr are primarily translators, sages, magicians, and a small number of pirates, as rogues exists amongst all races - even the noble lizardmen.