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Religious groups in Dragoc
Religion percent
Cult of Nature
Lunar Brotherhood
Racial groups in Dragoc
Race percent
Wood Elf
High Elf
Dark Elf

As of 831 AEKE, the total population of Dragoc is estimated at 1,328,620.


High Elf19,5001.46%
Wood Elf1,201,62090.44%
Dark Elf2,5000.18%

Wood Elves

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Currently, 1,201,620 Wood Elves live in the Kingdom of Dragoc, making up 90.44% of the kingdom's population.

The Kingdom of Dragoc has been home to the Wood Elves ever since it was founded. During the Proto-Elven colonization of Artograch, Dragoc became the domain of three of the last Proto-Elven clans to make the journey to Artograch, the Suscae, the Harzani and the Gysmiduli. Out of these, the Suscae ended up dominating Dragoc, and the royal family claims direct descent from this clan. Eventually, the Proto-Elven race split up due to divergent evolution. Those Proto-Elves who settled in Dragoc ended up evolving into the Wood Elves.

The Wood Elven population of Dragoc was never ever threatened with being displaced as the dominant demographic of their kingdom. However, at the same time, until after the foundation of Etrand, there was not much of a Wood Elven diaspora either (save for migration to the Empire of Neressa), most of them having few children and chosing to live in their own home country. The only time there was a large number of Wood Elves leaving their country before the foundation of Etrand was during the aftermath of the Great War, when Thorm'fa's followers were exiled to Brutang.

High Elves

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Currently, 19,500 High Elves live in the Kingdom of Dragoc, making up 1.47% of the kingdom's population.

High Elves were never unknown in Dragoc - ever since the 7th century BEKE, Dragoc was known for its tranquil gardens, medicine, and teas. As such, Dragoc has been a popular tourist destination for upper-class High Elves from Froturn ever since the Golden Age of Maritime Trade between East and West, although there have been few, if any permanent settlers. Noticeable High Elven presence in Dragoc only began during the late second century AEKE - during the initial purge conducted by Vaclus Helviatha in the aftermath of the Three Kings' War, a large number of politicians got exiled to Dragoc, where their descendants continue to live even to this day. This, however, was a tiny community of a few hundreds, and most of the High Elves living in Dragoc are unrelated to them.

During the Golden Age of Ecumenism between Titanism and Naturalism, there were quite a few High Elves whose interest in Wood Elven culture eventually drove them to migrate to Dragoc, and usually convert to Naturalism.

The migration process slowed down, but the conversion process intensified during the rule of King Cael'mus of Froturn, who - despite being (at least nominally) a Titanist - was very supportive of Naturalist druids and missionaries. His rule saw the Golden Age of Wood Elven / Dragoci influence in Froturn. The year 818 saw a massive turning point in Froturnish politics - the previously tolerant policies got completely turned over, the Inquistion was restored to power, proselytization and conversion were criminalized. Despite the government's attempt to assure Froturnish Naturalists that the laws would only apply to those who want to convert after 818, many High Elven Naturalists still chose to leave Froturn in favor of Dragoc.

Dark Elves

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Currently, 13,500 Humans live in the Kingdom of Dragoc, making up 1.02% of the kingdom's population.

Humans don't have much of a history in Dragoc - in fact, most permanent residents of the human phenotype are 4th generation at most. Humans who practice the Cult of Nature are few in numers - these few often made pilgrimages to the holy sites in Dragoc, with some falling in love with the scenery so much that they decided to stay permanently, but these were very few in numbers, and usually married local Wood Elves, breeding Half-Elven offsprings who would in turn marry Wood Elves - effectively meaning complete biological assimilation.

The first time we can actually talk about a Human community of Dragoc is in the mid-8th century, when King Cairbré I of Etrand broke with his father's proto-secularist policies and made proselytization of Titanists illegal, deporting all responsible missionaries. Some of these were Human Druids. Despite assurances of their freedom to practice their religion would be guaranteed, Naturalists living in Etrand began fearing for their lives, hence starting an exodus: most of them however went to Froturn rather than Dragoc.

The rise of power of King Ivahó of Froturn was the real turning point - despite being assured once again, that their freedom to practice their religion wouldn't be infringed upon (that only missionaries caught trying to convert Titanists would be prosecuted and punished), Naturalists living in Froturn - Humans, Half-Elves, High Elves, Wood Elves - began fearing for their safety, and many decided to migrate to Dragoc.


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Cult of Nature1,316,70099.1%
Lunar Brotherhood3,0000.22%