Dark Elves

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Dark Elves
Total population
c. 95,870
Regions with significant populations
Undergroundc. 42,000
Etrand shield.svg Etrandc. 26,000
Keldorn shield.svg Keldornc. 10,000
Froturn shield.svg Froturnc. 7,500
Etrancoast shield.svg Etrancoastc. 4,500
Gabyr shield.svg Gabyrc. 3,360
Dragoc shield.svg Dragocc. 2,500
Neressa shield.svg Neressac. 10
Dark Elven
predominentaly Dark Elven Religion

Dark Elves are a race native (but not exactly indigenous) to the continent of Artograch, having evolved from a mixture of Wood Elves and High Elves - partially making them a sister-race to the Orcs - who were banished from their home country and migrated underground, where a mixture of environmental factors and dietery habits gave them the greyish-blue skin they are well-known for.

Just like their Wood Elven and High Elven cousins, Dark Elves have a relatively long lifespan, ageing roughly at tenth of the speed of humans after the age of eighteen, meaning that a 100 year old Dark Elf is biologically equivalent of a 25 year-old Human, a 200 years old Elf is essentially 35 years old, and so on. Unlike their High Elven and Wood Elven ancestors, however, Dark Elves do not devote this long lifespan to be conservative, fundamentalist, spiritualistic or even relaxed - they spend their long life trying to have fun, tasting all the enjoyment they can taste throughout the centuries, living lives of hedonism.

Dark Elves are typically 180 centimetres or roughly 71 inches tall (or 5 ft 11 in). Their hair colours vary between chalk white and coal black (grey only occours amongst older Dark Elves), although more blue-ish shades of white and black are also known. They are the only Elven race amongst whom red eyes occour naturally, albeit even amongst Dark Elves, only a minority have it, with the majority having grey, blue, violet or purple.

Dark Elves live in clans.

Native populations

The average Dark Elven male and female.

The Subterran

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Dark Elven diaspora


Currently, 26,000 Dark Elves live in the Kingdom of Etrand, making up 0.5% of the kingdom's population.

The Dark Elven community of Etrand dates back to fall of the Kingdom of Marand, when many ran away from the political turmoil and temporarily migrated to Etrand - or more precisely, to northern tunnel-cities such as Zorod Naugi im Pkhaur and Zorod Koldo im Neuna, and maybe Steelhelm. Most of these were temporary migrants, who eventually returned to a clan of their chosing, but some actually migrated to Grandfolk instead.

There were several waves of Dark Elven migration to Etrand, or more specifically, the city of Grandfolk during the 6th and 7th centuries. Despite their darkness-oriented religion, their religion was tolerated so long as it wasn't public and in everyone's face: Dark Elves were encouraged to practice their religion privately, in the privacy of their homes, rather than out in the public. Many of these Dark Elves found employment of shopkeepers and upstanding members of the Mages Guild with their talents at trade and magic.

However, there is also a darker side - when the Dark Elven clans are sending their people to Etrand, they aren't sending their best: they're bringing crime, they're bringing drugs, they're sexual deviants, and some of them, it can be assumed, are law-abiding citizens. The fact that such a small community has gotten so infamous can't be a coincidence - the legendary Dark Elven mafia is a force to be reckoned with in the urban landscape of Grandfolk, and even in other cities like Steelhelm and Copperport. Experts at marketing and magic they may be, Dark Elves are also renowned drug-dealers, smugglers, prostitutes, assassins, slavers, (sex) slaves, bounty-hunters, necromancers, thieves and loan-sharks. To say the least, they don't exactly have the best reputation.


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Gabyr and Keldorn

Currently, 13,360 Dark Elves live on the island that happens to be occupied by the Republic of Keldorn and the Free City of Gabyr, making up making up 3.61% of the island's population. Out of them 10,000 live in Keldorn, making up 3.86% of the republic's population, while 3,360 live in Gabyr, making up 3.02% of the city-state's population.

The history of Gabyrian Dark Elven community is directly tied to the history of the Etrandish Dark Elven community, as the vast majority of the Dark Elves who call Gabyr their home did in fact live in Etrand at one point: mostly career criminals who had to run from the law, or found a better deal in Gabyr.

It is more than obvious what kind of occupations most of them have: pirates, bodyguards, hired thugs, prostitutes, artistants, shopkeepers and so on. For Dark Elves who already have a tendency towards criminality - in fact, many of them were already career-criminals before coming to Gabyr - getting into the pirate lifestyle is extremely easy. Dark Elves enjoy the laxer morality of Gabyr very much, as the lively nightlife reminded them a lot to their own underground homelands. However, even the famously patient Gabyrians have their own limits, and even though Gabyr has been a safe haven for pirates and career criminals of all sorts since time immemorial, some of the actions of the Dark Elven gangs are considered over the line: while the activity of bounty hunters may be merely tolerated, outright gang wars between different families of the Dark Elven mafia are definitely not.

Dark Elves always had a tendency towards darkness and amorality, but even they have standards and some lines they don't want their kinsmen to cross. For example, literally every religion, even the darkness-oriented Dark Elven Religion considers corpses sacred, and considers desecration of the dead a serious sin. Hence it is no surprise that those who want to practice arts considered even darker than the one Dark Elves are normally used to, they go to Keldorn.

Just like in the case of Gabyr, Dark Elven migrants are very much surprised by the fact that they can fit in so easily and just snap right in. Their sexual deviancies, their dark antics, their disregard for human life and conventional human morality - none of these are frowned upon in Keldorn, but are rather celebrated. Hence many Dark Elves come to Keldorn even if they don't need to - in addition to the typical necromancers, lycantrophes and vampires, many of the migrants may also be regular prostitutes, assassins, mercenaries and mages. Despite fitting in so easily with their amoral lifestyles, the Dark Elven inhabitants of Keldorn - at least those who intend to remain clinically alive, rather than becoming undead - self-segregate and form their own communities.


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Attributes (FRPG)

Enabled alignment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 9 19
Agility 8 18
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 7 17
Charisma 8 18