Dark Elven Religion

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Dark Elven Religion
Dark Elven Religion.svg
The symbol of the Dark Elven religion.
Sacred languageDark Elven

There are two deities that compliment each other.

Nature of Godhood

The divine are immortal, they have always existed and will always continue to do so.


The world has clearly always existed, it is to vast and expansive for it not to be so.


There are different aspects of the divine.

Divine Guidance

Enlightened gurus who pray daily will receive commandments from the divine to share with their fellow mortals.

Holy Mortals

Enlightened gurus who pray daily will receive commandments from the divine to share with their fellow mortals.


Prayer isn't necessary to achieve divine favour.

Cross-Cultural Disposition
Strong Communal Identity

It is almost unthinkable that someone outside of our close community could understand the very basics of our faith.


We have lived many lives before this one, and will continue to live many lives after it. Every death is only the beginning of something new.

No Eschatology

Religion has no part to play in eschatological studies.

Final Resting Place

From dust you came, to dust you shall return.

Asceticism vs Hedonism

The divine filled this world with a bounty of pleasures for us to indulge in and enjoy — to not partake of such things is to snub the very work of creation itself.

Marriage type(s)

Marriage is a sacred bond between two individuals. Attempting to form such a bond with multiple people at once is sacrilege.


Marriage is a sacred bond, but as long as their spouse takes priority one may be permitted to have concubines or consorts to engage with as well.

Stance on Marriage

Marriage is nothing more than a contract between families. The divine has nothing to do with it.

Religious tradition

We have no orthodox dogma to refer to, instead each region practice their own slightly modified version of our faith-

Clerical wealth
No Restrictions

The clergy make money as they wish, it is no concern for the rest of us.

Clerical Tradition
Lay Clergy

Any devoted follower is more than capable of understanding, following, and preaching the doctrines of our faith.

Clerical Gender

Members of both genders can be part of the clergy.

Clerical MarriageDisallowed
No Atonement

Everyone is going on their own journey. Sinning is something perosnal that must deliberated over personally, not with some priest or monk.

No Almsgiving

Alms would mean giving away our material wealth, it would give the peasants far too much power!

Stance on nudityNeutral
Stance on Same-Sex Relations

Love transcends physicality into something so profound and wondrous that it cannot be restricted by mere gender.

Stance on Deviancy

Love is beautiful and sacred, no matter the form it takes. Everyone should be permitted to love and do as thou wilt.

Head of Faith

It is utter folly to assume that any one person can truly comprehend the will of the divine. We must follow our own hearts to discover what the divine plan for us is.

View on Gender

It is foolish to deny skilled people a role in government purely because of their gender. We shall allow all who are able to govern our society.

View on Divorce
Always Allowed

Marriage is merely a partnership between two people, and like all partnerships, can be ended at will.

View on Bastardry
No Bastards

Blood determines lineage, not marriage. Children born out of wedlock are just as legitimate as any other.

Male Adultery

There is nothing inherently wrong about a man deciding to engage in intercourse outside of marriage, so the decision is his alone.

Female Adultery

There is nothing inherently wrong about a woman deciding to engage in intercourse outside of marriage, so the decision is hers alone.


While it is appalling to murder one's own relatives, such acts are not inherently more criminal than any other murder.

Religious Attitude

As mortals we cannot fully comprehend the divine's will, but our priests still have a pretty good idea of what is holy and what is profane.

Foundation422 AEKE
FounderQueen Sellin Marand
Leader titlenone
Total population
c. 42,000
Regions with significant populations
Undergroundc. 42,000

The religion of the Dark Elves is just as new as the people associated with them. Despite being influenced by them, the religion is partially based off a rejection of Titanism and Naturalism and their dogmatism, instead embracing "the darkness" and "the void", an abstract concept that transcends both libertarianism and authoritarianism.

Transcendence of traditional concepts is considered a very important part of the Dark Elven religion, allowing the religion and its practicioners to support seemingly contradicting viewpoints, such as libertarianism (sexual freedom, curiousity, innovation, artistic expression, deviance) and authoritarianism (strong central authority, slavery, hierarchial society) at the same time.


Braa'darh, the faceless

According to the legend, when the Dark Elves were expelled they couldn’t survive first, but then Braa'darh gave them mercy and let them survive for a price. No one has ever seen Braa'darh, but he is usually depicted with red eyes and a black smoke substituting for his "face". The Dark Elves pay tribute and sacrifice to Braa'darh in forms of slave-sacrifice.

He is considered the embodiment and incarnation of "the void", an abstract yet central concept of the Dark Elven religion: "the void" is both freedom and slavery at the same time, life and death, wisdom and ignorance, creation and destruction.

Tohla, the guide

According to Dark Elven mythology, she is Braa'darh's wife. The Dark Elves claim that Lloth has shown them the path to Darkness and embedded in them enough wisdom to reject the dogmatism and superstition of both Titanism and Naturalism, embracing "the void" instead. She is usually depicted as a beautiful woman.

Attitudes towards sexuality