Dark Elven Religion

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Language: English
Dark Elven Religion
Dark Elven Religion.svg
The symbol of the Dark Elven religion.
Sacred languageDark Elven
Foundation422 AEKE
FounderQueen Sellin Marand
Leader titlenone
Total population
c. 42,000
Regions with significant populations
Undergroundc. 42,000

The religion of the Dark Elves is just as new as the people associated with them. Despite being influenced by them, the religion is partially based off a rejection of Titanism and Naturalism and their dogmatism, instead embracing "the darkness" and "the void", an abstract concept that transcends both libertarianism and authoritarianism.

Transcendence of traditional concepts is considered a very important part of the Dark Elven religion, allowing the religion and its practicioners to support seemingly contradicting viewpoints, such as libertarianism (sexual freedom, curiousity, innovation, artistic expression, deviance) and authoritarianism (strong central authority, slavery, hierarchial society) at the same time.


Braa'darh, the faceless

According to the legend, when the Dark Elves were expelled they couldn’t survive first, but then Braa'darh gave them mercy and let them survive for a price. No one has ever seen Braa'darh, but he is usually depicted with red eyes and a black smoke substituting for his "face". The Dark Elves pay tribute and sacrifice to Braa'darh in forms of slave-sacrifice.

He is considered the embodiment and incarnation of "the void", an abstract yet central concept of the Dark Elven religion: "the void" is both freedom and slavery at the same time, life and death, wisdom and ignorance, creation and destruction.

Lolth, the guide

According to Dark Elven mythology, she is Braa'darh's wife. The Dark Elves claim that Lloth has shown them the path to Darkness and embedded in them enough wisdom to reject the dogmatism and superstition of both Titanism and Naturalism, embracing "the void" instead. She is usually depicted as a beautiful woman.

Attitudes towards sexuality