Cymbairan Wars

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Cymbairan Wars
Date440-677 AEKE
Result Stalemate / Gabyrian Victory
Etrand renounces its claims on the Qariash/Cymbierd/Cymbair Islands

The Cymbairan Wars was a series of military conflicts between the Kingdom of Etrand and the Principality of Gabyr over the Qariash/Cymbierd/Cymbair Islands. The series of conflict contained a total of twelve wars, the first of which began in 440 AEKE, the last of which ended in 677 AEKE. The final result could be called a Gabyrian victory, as the two-centuries conflict was concluded with Gabyr owning the islands and Etrand renouncing its claims on them, but Etrand did not suffer serious losses during these wars, other than being forced to pay reparations to Gabyr after the lost wars.


Since time immemorial, the Cymbierd Islands were (at least nominally) a domain of the Kingdom of Hulra. In the aftermarth of the Etrandish conquest of Hulra, the islands were left vacant and unclaimed - or rather, the Etrandish made no attempts to conquer the islands, or even send an expedition to begin with. In fact, Etrand may not have been aware of the islands being under Hulran rule to begin with (it would be unreasonable to assume that Etrand wasn't aware of the existence of the islands, as they previously traded with Gabyr extensively).

In 433, the newly-formed Earldom of Etrancoast claimed the islands, as they were previously Hulran domain, however, by that time, things were different. 159 years have passed since the fall of Hulra, and the "unclaimed" islands have fallen under Gabyrian occupation. Gabyr, having claimed the islands as their own domain, refused to hand them over to Etrancoast, so in 440, the Kingdom of Etrand went to war against Gabyr to reclaim the islands on Etrancoast's behalf, starting the First Cymbairan War.

Between 440 and 677 - 237 years in total - Etrand and Gabyr were at war for a total of 44 years, and at peace 193 years, meaning that they were at war for only 18.6% of those 237 years.

First Cymbairan War (440-444)

Second Cymbairan War (464-470)

Third Cymbairan War (497-500)

Fourth Cymbairan War (530-533)

Fifth Cymbairan War (560-563)

Sixth Cymbairan War (578-581)

Seventh Cymbairan War (598-601)

Eighth Cymbairan War (612-613)

Ninth Cymbairan War (630-632)

Tenth Cymbairan War (655-659)

Eleventh Cymbairan War (662-665)

Twelfth Cymbairan War (668-677)

Conclusion and Aftermath

After their defeat Twelfth Cymbairan War, Etrand and Etrancoast finally conceded that the Qariash/Cymbierd/Cymbair Islands belong to Gabyr and renounced their claims over the islands. Despite the fact that trade was re-established between Etrand and Gabyr immediately after the last war was concluded, it still left a bitter taste in both sides' mouths, and the two wouldn't fully reconcile until much later - until the Second Spice War gave them an opportunity to befriend each other again.