Common Shrine of Grandfolk

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Language: English  • magyar
Common Shrine of Grandfolk
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StateKingdom of Etrand
First AppearenceWays of Darkness (FRPG)

The Common Shrine of Grandfolk is a building within the Shanty Quarters, the slums of the city. As its name suggests, it is - or rather, originally was - a place at which everyone is allowed to pray to their own gods in peace, a place for all the religious minorities of the kingdom to gather and pray. Today, for the most part, it serves a different purpose: as a meeting place, for conducting casual chit-chat, for conducting illegal mercantile transactions, for spreading or listening on rumours, for meeting friends and clandestine romantic liaisons.



On the original FRPG, the building first appeared on the 26th of December, 2009, on the ProBoards version, then on the 5th of April, 2010, on the phpbB2 version. On ProBoards, it served as an initial meeting place for the roleplaying session Stranglehold, while in the phpBB2 version, it was featured in Accidental Transportation.