Clan Tyrker

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Clan Tyrker
Clan Tyrker.svg
TypeRegistered Keldornish clan
ClassDeath Knight, Warrior, Battlemage
Raceopen to all races, but primarily recruiting from Humans and Orcs
FounderEumer Tyrker
Form of governmentMartial dictatorial
Leader titleGeneral
HeadquartersNex Mucro

Clan Tyrker is a major vampire clan in Keldorn. A highly martial clan, Clan Tyrker are known as the enforcers of the vampire world, and also the ones typically cleaning up messes left by others. While other clans seduce and influence subtly, or even seclude themselves in towers away from all the politics, vampires of the Tyrker clan do not mince words, and make their desires well-known.

The majority of vampires who are members of Order of the Death Knights are from Clan Tyrker.

Functions and history


A clan of warriors who spend their undeath honing their martial skills and fighting techniques, as well as their physical strength. Known as the enforcers of the vampire world, members of Clan Tyrker do not mince their words, and do not play the game of petty backstabbing politics, instead asking out their rivals to honest duels and combat - that is not to say that they do not refrain from using dirty tricks once in combat though.

Tyrker members who reside in Keldorn capitalize on their heavy influence over the Order of the Death Knights and close relationship with said order. They may not be as influential as Clan Salta (and therefore missing out on their chance to provide the council with the Vampire Prince), other clans still constantly run to Tyrker for help whenever mess needs to be cleaned up violently. Since Tyrker is too big and wild to be affected by Salta charms, even Salta tries to play it carefully and strategically avoids drawing the ire of Clan Tyrker.

Outside Keldorn, in mortal lands, members of Clan Tyrker adopt a nomadic lifestyle where they keep travelling, simultaneously honing their skills as warriors and hunting for unwilling mortals to get their daily sustainance.

Martial government

Clan Tyrker has a type of government where so-called Klingon Promotion is the standard way of advancing one's career, and that also includes the most coveted position of leading the clan. Should the leader of the clan die in circumstances other than death by the hands of a member of the clan, a tournament is held where people can nominate themselves for leader and fight other self-nominated would-be-leaders for the right to lead the clan in a tournament.



Other vampires typically abhor ranged weapons, and they are reluctant to use even projectiles made out of pure magical energy or one of the several major elements, since it drastically reduces the chance of getting blood out of the slain mortal. The typicall vampire prefers to incapaciate their oponent in melee, then either suck them try, or kidnap them and keep them as a living blood-bag, or embrace them by turning them into a vampire.

Clan Tyrker is different. Members of this clan are blessed by excellent aim and reflexes when it comes to using bows and crossbows alike (but especially bows), have a natural talent with bows, and an extra power that makes the usage of bows even better: they can bind their blood to individual arrows, making them suck in the blood of stuck targets, effectively transforming the arrowhead into an invisible leech that sucks out the blood from the target and teleports it all into the mouth of the vampire.


Clan Tyrker also excells at the usage of melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat. The power of Chilghin is an activated power that allows them to consume some of their blood for not just extra strength, but also a trance-like state, where (melee) combat moves that otherwise require much learning and training become nearly instinctive. Under the influence of this power, the vampire effectively becomes a berserker, an unstoppable half-naked warrior that just keeps on fighting even after sustaining lethal injuries, being unable to reason with. When a member of Clan Tyrker is cornered and fighting against overwhelming odds, there is a chance of this power activating automatically without any blood cost.

Because this power is similar to the abilities of many therianthropes - namely werewolves - they often make jokes about members of Clan Tyrker being "half-vampire half-werewolf". And because of this power of theirs, werewolves who otherwise hate vampires have a unique respect for Clan Tyrker.

Notable members