Church of Sun

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Church of Sun
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StateKingdom of Froturn
First AppearenceWays of Darkness (FRPG)

The Church of Sun is one of those titanist churches in Yanus that are also accessible to the common folk. It is considered to be the oldest church dedicated to the mighty Titanius, a place of pilgrimage for the truly fanatical, who often claim that they have even seen Angels around - yet, none of them can prove it, and the next morning, it's as if they have forgotten completely.



The canon building in fact originates from the amalgamation of two previously canon (now obviously non-canon) forum locations: "The People's Church" from Yanus - first defined on the 6th of Januarry, 2010 on the ProBoards forum, then the on the phpBB2 forum on the 9th of April - and "The Church of the Light" from Edhel Yára - first defined on the 31th of Januarry, 2010 on the ProBoards forum, then on the 9th of April on the phpBB2 forum. The descriptions of the two were blended (inheriting the accessibility to the common folk from the earlier, its status as the first Titanist church and association with angels from the latter), and the title was misread - in the Hungarian language, "the People's Church" is "a Nép Temploma", while "Church of the Sun" is "A Nap Temploma".

The amalgamation of the two non-canon buildings into one canon building happened on the 24th of March, 2020.