Castle Errówer

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Castle Errówer
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Location of Castle Errówer within Etrand
StateKingdom of Etrand
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Castle Errówer (Etrandish: Errówer ; IPA: [ɛrːoʊ̯wəɹ]) is a fortification within the Kingdom of Etrand, made famous by its pecular location. Unlike other castles within Etrand, it isn't owned by a particular lord, but rather by the king himself, who pays for its maintenance - the salary of all soldiers, maintenance-men, dockworkers and sailors working there is part of the royal budget.

The coastal castle itself is surrounded by sandy beaches to its East and West, tall mountains to its North, and the sea to its South - that's right, the castle contains docks and drydocks, having direct connection to the sea, and walls that are constantly in touch with the waters.


While the land the castle is occupying has always been - at least nominally - part of Etrand, it was always uninhabited, for good reasons. The mountains are tall, impassable, and barren. In the few places where there are sandy beaches between the mountains and the sea (such as at the castle's location) rather than rocky cliffs, the beach is usually barely big enough to physically contain an army, let alone a whole settlement of humans. Let's not also forget about the fact that sandy beaches don't make for good farming soil, so if the location was ever inhabited to begin with, it must have been fishermen only.

The layout of the castle's location

King Bourn I of Etrand - who reigned between 664 and 688 - ordered the castle to be built in the aftermath of the Twelfth Cymbairan War (668-677). Truth be told, he did in fact spend quite some time designing the castle both before and during the war, but he got around doing it only after the war. It was meant to come as a deterrent against any further Gabyrian incursions. Sadly, during the rule of his heir, King Calder, the castle was neglected, and it fell into utter disrepair under his successors King Bryant and King Cairbré. During the reign of King Calhoun attention was paid to the castle again, and the currently reigning king, Orlónius has invested an additional amount of money to extending the fortifications.