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Brutang Overlay.svg
Brutang on the map of Artograch, marked in green.

Brutang is a geographical location within the continent of Artograch, which was once ruled by a single unified state, which since that fallen apart into four main parts: the territories ruled by the Hro'z (Northwest Brutang), Kro'm (Southwest Brutang), Bru'k (Northeast Brutang) and Pri'd (Southeast Brutang) clans.


Brutang is a special kind of territory - judging by its southern geographical location, it is expected to have a warmer climate than the rest of the continent, but that is not the case. Instead, Brutang is a tundra, which makes it even colder than the mountains to its north. No one really knows why is this the case - as it defies all logic - so people just assume that Brutang is cursed, with a curse just making the land cold, swallowing up the heat from underneath.


Given Brutang's special climate, the whole place has a population less than 130 000 people. Its population mostly consists of Goblins and Orcs, with some notable minorities being Ogres and Half-Orcs. In small numbers, other races also make an appearence (mostly Humans and Wood Elves), albeit overwhelmingly as slaves or descendants of slaves.