Battle of Morshu's Mill

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Language: English
Second Battle of Morshu's Mill
Part of Etrandish Succession War of 718
Date27th of Ujeregula, 718 AEKE
Ancestors Field, Froturn/Etrand
Result Decisive Loyalist Victory
Mythela's Loyalists:

Osriking CoA.svg House Osriking

Tondbertid Usurpers
Commanders and leaders

Ladislaus Londbert

Morthen Londbert

Kerlon Tondbertling  (POW)

Zylf Tondbertling  

~1 700 soldiers in total
~1 000 Humans (Osriking Bannermen)

  • 100 Heavy Cavalry
  • 300 Crossbowmen
  • 300 Pikemen
  • 300 Men At Arms

~700 Dwarves and Gnomes (Ladislaus's Dwarven Militia)

  • 200 Bear Riders
  • 25 Dragon Golems
  • 400 Crossbowmen
  • 100 Axemen

~2 300 soldiers in total
~2 300 Humans

  • 300 Heavy Cavalry
  • 600 Pikemen
  • 600 Crossbowmen
  • 300 Longbowmen
  • 500 Men At Arms
  • 300 Light Cavalry
Casualties and losses
122 dead
432 wounded
322 dead
512 wounded
544 taken prisoner
922 routed or surrendered

The Battle of Morshu's Mill was arguably the most decisive battle of the Etrandish Succession War of 718, during which the combined forces of Ladislaus Londbert and House Osriking - later known as King Bryant of Etrand - have defeated the forces of the remaining two Tondbertling brothers, whose forces outnumbered that of Londbert.

During the battle, Kerlon Tondbertling betrayed his brother Zylf, who killed by his own men during his failed attempt to have his brother assassinated during the battle. Kerlon was imprisoned after the battle.


The Battle

Kerlon's betreyal of Zylf

Zylf's Last Stand