Battle of Ancestors Field (809 AEKE)

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Second Battle of Ancestors Field
Part of Etrandish Intervention in the Froturnish Civil War of 809
Date15th of Urnulina, 809 AEKE
Ancestors Field, Froturn/Etrand
Result Decisive victory for the Supporters of King Cael'mus
Froturn shield.svg Supporters of King Cael'mus

Froturn shield.svg Opposition to King Cael'mus
Etrand shield.svg Etrand

Commanders and leaders

Froturn shield.svg Supporters King Cael'mus:

  • Consul Sim'vara
  • Canqueus Myrdretýn
  • Zavadus Rilyntlidár
  • Ariqueus Tasenitrýn

Froturn shield.svg Opposition to King Cael'mus:

Etrand shield.svg Etrand:

Knights of the Blood Red Light


2 500 soldiers in total
~1 550 High Elves:

  • 220 Longbowmen
  • 100 Auxiliary Archers
  • 200 Auxiliary Spearmen
  • 150 Heavy Cavalry
  • 150 Light Cavalry (Auxiliary)
  • 50 Battlemages
  • 250 Phalanx
  • 330 Quandi
  • 100 Quantri

~950 Halflings:

  • 200 Slingers
  • 50 Pony Riders
  • 700 Spearmen

2 760 soldiers in total
~1 750 High Elves:

  • 700 Spearman Militia
  • 300 Swordsman Militia
  • 320 Archer Militia
  • 50 Longbowmen
  • 150 Light Cavalry
  • 100 Heavy Cavalry
  • 100 Quandi
  • 30 Quantri

~1 010 Humans:

Casualties and losses
200 dead
534 wounded
283 dead
458 wounded
576 taken prisoner
1 431 routed

The Battle of Ancestors Field - also known as Second Battle of Ancestors Field - the a battle fought in 809, considered the most important turning point of the Froturnish Civil War of 809. The battle was fought near site that Fathred the Great engaged with and defeated the High Elven army during the First Froturnish-Etrandish War in 1136-1135 BEKE.


During the Froturnish Civil War of 809, the Hierophant sent a letter to the King of Etrand, asking for assistance against the impious loyalist faction, to aid the pious rebels that wanted to overthrow Ardryllus Sim'vara and Ta'ael Myrth'nddare, as they were considered bad influence on the sickly King Cael'mus of Froturn.

Reluctantly, King Calhoun of Etrand agreed to help the rebels. At first, Prince Orlónius volunteered to lead an Etrandish army into Froturn, but Calhoun vetoed this, and instead instructed his favored son Crown Prince Bryant to lead an Etrandish army of a 850 to Froturn, and assist the rebels. Grandmaster Gaius Frostang of the Order of the Blood Red Light volunteered to accompany Bryant('s army) and lend 150 knights to the army, increasing the size of the army to roughly a thousand.

After some preparations, the army began marching towards the borders between Etrand and Froturn, having a surprise-rendezvous with the fleeing rebel army upon reaching Ancestors' Field. Afterwards, the two armies merged and braced themselves for the upcoming battle against the loyalists.

The Battle

On day one, the Etrandish army led by Crown Prince Bryant and Grandmaster Gaius Frostang have already met with the formations of the rebel army, which was prepared to defend against the loyalist forces.

On day two, after several hours of skirmishing, the Etrandish started an offensive against the camping Loyalist forces by dawn, too early, as much of the army was still prepared for battle - additionally, a the Halfling Auxilia have previously separated from the main army and went southwards with the objective of launching a surprise-attack against the Etrandish camp during the night - however, in response to the noise of battle, they accelerated their steps and went behind the enemy army,hiding behind the hills.

Bryant's first attack was repelled, and the loyalists went into battle formation and launched a counterattack, which was broken and repelled after a short amount of advancement. When the night came, both camps went to rest and prepare to continue the fighting the following day, but the Halfling troops hiding behind the Etrandish had to spend the night without supplies.

By the time the first rays of the sun reached the ground, the Etrandish army was already on foot, and the loyalists were waiting for them in full formation. The Knights of the Blood Red Light fought bravely, but their heroic resolve could not match the experience and disciplkine of the much more heavily trained veteran High Elven legionaries. Many rebels dropped their weapons, and those who were on horseback simply made a run for it together with Prince Bryant's retinue, unfortunately running straight into a forest of spears and arrows that has been waiting for them since last night. The prince and his company fought heroically, breaking through the shield walls, escaping back to the East. The parts of the army that were left behind either fought to the last men or surrendered.