Autonomous Dwarven Region

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Language: English
Autonomous Dwarven Region
270 AEKE–{{{year_end}}}
Coat of arms
Etrand Overlay Naked.svg
Etrand ADR Overlay.svg
Location of the Autonomous Dwarven Region within the Kingdom of Etrand
StatusAutonomous province
Capitalnone (officially) / Zorod Koldó im Neuna (de facto administrative center)
Common languagesEtrandish, Dwarven Koiné, Temple Dwarven
GovernmentAutonomous viceroyalty
270 AEKE

The Autonomous Dwarven Region - also known by its shorter name "Dwarfland" - is a region within the Kingdom of Etrand, populated mainly by Dwarves and Gnomes. As its name suggests, the territory has a degree of autonomy, being allowed to have some of its own laws and various other internal policies independently of the central authorities in Grandfolk. Unlike the various other territories of Etrand, the Autonomous Dwarven Region is not ruled by hereditary feudal lords, but rather bureaucrats - viceroys - appointed by the King of Etrand, who are tasked with keeping the peace and overseeing the province.