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The Artaburran alphabet is a variant of the High Elven alphabet used for the Wood Elven language in the Principality of Artaburro, although it is also used by other Wood Elven-speaking diaspora.

The letters

In Principality of Artaburro, the most spoken language is Wood Elven, but the preferred writing script is the High Elven one. The spelling conventions are very similiar to that of Middle High Elven, but with slight differences. One example is the usage of 「sh ch j」 in for coda-position /ʃ t͡ʃ d͡ʒ/, which in turn came from the deletion of word-final /i/ and /u/ in Wood Elven, leaving palatalizated consonants in the syllable coda that previously only appeared before /i/ and /j/. Another inconsistency is the usage of both 「k」 and 「ch」 for the very same function - to distinguish between /k/ and /t͡ʃ/ before front vowels. Generally, /ky/ is written 「ky」, while /kɛ keː ki/ are written 「che ché chi」.

Since 「y」 is used for both /y/ and /j/, the same convention takes place as in Etrandish: 「yu」 for /jy/, 「iu」 for /ju/. The only exception is when /j/ between a consonant and a vowel. For example, /gʲy/ is written 「ghiy」, not 「ghyu」.

Likewise, /kʲaɔ/ and /gʲaɔ/ are wirtten as 「chiao」 and 「ghiao」 respectively, instead of 「chyao」 and 「ghyao」.

/t͡s/ is generally written as 「th」, causing it to be very often mispronounced as /t/ by High Elves and /θ~ð/ by Humans. The people of Artaburro in turn mispronounce the Etrandsih /θ/ as /t͡s/, as opposed to the /f/ and /t/ of High Elven accents and /s/ of Wood Elven accents. Hence, the Dragoc Wood Elven 「tura」 (Tsura, /t͡sɨᵝɾa/) gets rendered as 「Thyra」 (Thyra, /t͡syɾa/). This spelling convention is also employed by Dragoc Wood Elves who migrate to other countries like Etrand and Froturn, which is why 「ituriku(Itsuriku) gets rendered as 「Ithric(Ithric) or 「Ithrik(Ithrik).

Image Name Value
- Meaning Romanized as Pronunciation Romanized as Sound
Mophus s.svg Mophus s.svg house mofó [mɔfoː] m /m/
Pequus.svg Pequus s.svg sword pequó [pɛkʷoː] p /p/
Bauvus.svg Bauvus s.svg horse bavó [bävoː] b /b/
Farránus.svg Farránus s.svg window farránó [fär̺ːäːn̪oː] f /f/
Norus.svg Norus s.svg cat noró [n̪ɔɾ̺oː] n /n/
Tagom.svg Tagom s.svg mouth tagó [t̪ägoː] t /t/, /t͡s/
Dirum.svg Dirum s.svg teeth déró [d̪eːɾ̺oː] d /d/
Sélta.svg Sélta s.svg wheel sélta [s̪̪el̪t̪äː] s /s/, /ʃ/
Zapha.svg Zapha s.svg wing zafa [d̪͡z̪äfä] z /d͡z~z/
Lepha.svg Lepha s.svg eye lefa [l̪ɛfä] l /l/
Rámum.svg Rámum s.svg knife rámó [r̺äːmoː] r /r/
Carramfus.svg Carramfus s.svg eagle carranfó [kär̺ːän̪foː] k /k/
Cirrum.svg Cirrum s.svg guard cerró [t͡ʃɛr̺ːoː] c /k/, /t͡ʃ/, /ʃ/
Quallum.svg Quallum s.svg flower qualló [kʷäl̪ːoː] q /k/
Gatus.svg Gatus s.svg armour gató [gät̪oː] g /g/, /d͡ʒ/
Herrus.svg Herrus s.svg waves herró [hɛr̺ːoː] h /h/, /ç/
Amalus.svg Amalus s.svg ladder amaló [ämäl̪oː] a /a/
Ámálus.svg Ámálus s.svg - ámaló [äːmäl̪oː] á /aː/
Enermus.svg Enermus s.svg beast enermó [ɛn̪ɛr̺moː] e /ɛ/
Énérmus.svg Énérmus s.svg - énérmó [eːn̪eːr̺moː] é /eː/, /e/
Jilnom.svg Jilnom s.svg - jelnó [d͡ʒɛl̪n̪oː] j /d͡ʒ/
Ilnom.svg Ilnom s.svg grass ilnó [il̪n̪oː] i /i/, /j/
Ílnom.svg Ílnom s.svg - ílnó [iːl̪n̪oː] í /iː/
Orranta.svg Orranta s.svg well orranta [ɔr̺ːän̪t̪ä] o /ɔ/
Órranta.svg Órranta s.svg - óranta [oːr̺än̪t̪ä] ó /oː/
Vuntus.svg Vuntus s.svg sea vontó [vɔn̪t̪oː] v /v/
Untus.svg Untus s.svg - untó [un̪t̪oː] u /u/, /w/, /Cʷ/
Úntus.svg Úntus s.svg - úntó [uːn̪t̪oː] ú /uː/
Ydum.svg Ydum s.svg pot ydó [yd̪oː] y /y/, /j/
Ýdum.svg Ýdum s.svg - ýdó [yːd̪oː] ý /yː/


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