Arnélia Gervése

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Arnélia Gervése
Arnelia face.jpg
Canonical look
Vital statistics
Race Human
Class Cleric
Birth 10th of Edhealasse, 814 AEKE
Age 17 in Artograchian years,
17 in Terran years (as of 831 AEKE, 10th of Edhealasse)
Religion Titanist Religion.svg Titanism
Physical attributes
Height 165 cm / 5ft 4.96in
Weight 60 kg / 132lb
First appearence Alternate World
Designed by Zsolt Tóth

Arnélia Gervése (Etrandish: Arnélia Gervése ; IPA: [ɒɹneɪ̯lɪɐ‿d͡ʒəɹveɪ̯sɛ] Gnome-speakernotes.png) - also known as just Arnélia (Etrandish: Arnélia ; IPA: [ɒɹneɪ̯lɪɐ] Gnome-speakernotes.png) - is a Human Cleric, who played a minor role in the 2011 game Alternate World. Canonically, she is a member of the Order of White Magicians.


Arnélia Gervése was born on 10th of Edhealasse, 814 AEKE, as the third child of a Half-Elven retired knight originally named Beluárus Gervése (High Elven: Beluarus Gervése ; IPA: [b̥ɛlwæːɾʊs dʒɛɾveːsɛ]) - but rendered Belwair Gervése (Etrandish: Belwair Gervése ; IPA: [b̥ɛłwɛːɹ‿d͡ʒəɹveɪ̯sɛ]) in Etrandish - and a Human herbalist named Alénia Larquide (Etrandish: Alénia Larquide ; IPA: [ɑleɪ̯nɪɐ‿lɒɹkʷʰɪdɛ]). After the family has hit hard times, it is said that the father Beluárus/Belwair turned to some old friends for help, and that is how young Arnélia got sent to join the Order of White Magicians.


Alternate World, the game

Arnelia Face official.pngArnelia Sprite.svg

In the 2011 game, she appears first in the Artograch Arc, inprisoned in the Grandfolk prisons. She claims she has been accused of thievery by a perverted merchant named Sholemn Iodos, who was lusting after Arnélia and came up with a devilish plan to frame her for stealing from him, so she will be imprisoned and he can buy her as a slave - and then use her as a sex slave. Fortunately for her, Gnarog Dougfral, Stephánus Tavilrond, Dermaglen and a thief named Aya break into the prison and free her.

After being freed from her cell, she goes down to the lower, abandoned levels, where she is later found by the party of three (as Aya has left the team and does not return until Nemezish and Ildor are found again). Stephánus convinces Arnélia to come with the party, which she does, contributing to the rescue of Nemezish and Ildor.

Afterwards, it is no longer mandatory to have her in the party, and she no longer contributes to the plot in any meaningful way. In the outro, it is stated that she became Stephánus's wife and had eight children with him.