Aethling Tondbertling

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Language: English
Aethling Tondbertling
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Birth 23th of Naurnaara, 722 AEKE
Death 28th of Faneluin, 783 AEKE
61 in Artograchian years,
63 in Terran years (at the time of death)
Religion Titanist Religion.svg Titanism
Father Brelon Tondbertling
Mother Tyvonna Liudlan
Grand Count of Brevia
Reign 767-783 AEKE

Aethling Tondbertling (Etrandish: Aethling Tondbertling ; IPA: [ɐɪ̯ðlɪŋ‿tʰɔndbəɹtl̥ɪŋ]) was an Etrandish the Grand Count of Brevia between 767 and 783 (although he did act a de facto regent for his father between 760 and 767, as his health was declining). He re-established Tondbertid influence in the royal court and made peace with the Cairbré-regime, while at the same time expanding his family's influence in the region.