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Famous Humans
Total population
c. 5,242,760
Regions with significant populations
Etrand shield.svg Etrand c. 4,501,000
Etrancoast shield.svg Etrancoast c. 510,000
Keldorn shield.svg Keldorn c. 70,000
Gabyr shield.svg Gabyr c. 65,760
Neressa shield.svg Neressa c. 64,000
Froturn shield.svg Froturn c. 20,000
Dragoc shield.svg Dragoc c. 12,000
Etrandish and Etrancoasti
predominentaly Church of Titanius

The changing of events was always very intense in the history of mankind. Betreyal and romance, bribery and heroism, terrorism, religious fanaticism and atheism, peace, and war, emotions versus intellect/reason, etc. In some ways, humans are the causers of all trouble, and also the ones who solve them. Amongst all the races, humans are the ones who can adapt to changing environments easily. Mixing between short-lived generations and having the ambitions to expand caused the fact that humans are very variable, even in physical appearance. Their skin colour of humans is mainly white, but there can be also very pale white and little darker (brown), their hair colour can be black, red, brown and blond (the older ones have gray hair). Humans aren’t really conventional in clothing, they often have funny haircut, weird costumes, tatoos and such.

Humans - just like High Elves and Wood Elves - descended from the now extinct Proto-Elves (or Ancient Elves), which makes Humans, High Elves and Wood Elves brother races.

Humans vary in alignment too. From the evil necromancer to the honest paladin, from the wise magician to the stupid-but-strong barbarian, etc.

Attributes (FRPG)

Enabled aligment: any

Minimum Maximum
Strength 8 18
Agility 8 18
Intelligence 8 18
Wisdom 8 18
Endurance 8 18
Charisma 8 18

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